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One Stroke at a Time

DC Universe Online has its great share of villains to match up to its' prestigious hero selection. Among these famous baddies is none other than Deathstroke the Terminator, an exceptionally skilled mercenary with unbelievably high tactical knowledge and amazing combat prowess. He can take on entire groups of super powered heroes on his own, a feat that only a few DC characters can ever match. Being able to create a Deathstroke style character in the game is not that easy -Slade has a very distinctive look and feel, so getting his appearance right requires a combination of several factors.

Deathstroke Legends Character Overview

Deathstroke Suit

That Extremely Rare Mask

The biggest problem with creating Slade Wilson is the fact that Deathstroke's mask if extremely unique -the mask color is split directly down the middle, part black, part yellow-orange. Simply put, there is no default mask that looks the same.

The best way to get around this is to do a version of Slade without the mask. Get a "Contender", "Commander", "Midvale", or "Reporter" style Hair (these ones come with a full beard) and change the hair color to white. The for the Face, select the "Eyepatch" and color it black. It may seem like cheating the look, but Slade does appear without the mask quite often.

If you really want to create the mask -then try these two possible Face options: "Full Cross" or "Full Domino". The look is better achieved if the greater color of the mask is Black while the smaller color is yellow-orange. This is quite far from Deathstroke's actual facepiece, but it is close enough among the available starter choices.

Mercenary Trappings

Since Deathstroke's armor tends to change a lot, there's a certain generic feel to his outfit's bits and pieces. The one thing that does stay the same is the presence of those military style buckles and pouches.

For the Chest, choose either the "Strap Scales" or the "Paramilitary". Strap Scales creates a slightly sleeker look, while the Paramilitary's armor and pouches add a bit of bulk and size to the character. If you go for the Strap Scales, consider adding in Waist gear such as the "Simple Utility" belt. Note that the waist gear is optional only if you choose Paramilitary (as pouch on pouch looks redundant). For the Feet, you can go with either "Clean Cuffed" (which has that old 80's comic vibe), or "Paramilitary" fort a more serious appeal.

For the Legs, get "Strap Scales" and for the Hands, "Clasped" -none of the other leg and hand options fits well with Slade's look so stick with these choices for these parts.

The key to balancing these pieces right is to constantly check Slade's full body -if the Chest parts look too top heavy -swap out the Paramilitary with Strap Scales; or do the opposite if he looks a little too sleek. As a mercenary, Slade's overall build is balanced -not too sleek, not too bulky. Later in the game, try to get either the Amazon Polemarch or Amazon Soldier styles for the Back.

Getting the Colors Right

What makes Deathstroke recognizable in his outfit is the color scheme -he always uses a two-tone approach. One is usually a shade of blue going into a deep black, while the other color ranges from yellow-orange to dark orange. In the comics, the inner layer of his clothes are often in blue or black, so it would be a good idea to swap out all the palette options to this color and then work your way up from there.

If you take the blue-tones, try to go for the slightly lighter ones. If you are going for deep blue, you might as well go all the way to black instead. Same applies for the yellow to orange. Be sure to keep the blue or black as your primary color while the orange tones are used for highlights in the outfit. If you want your Deathstroke to be less cartoonish, then try to go for the extreme black color and choose a solid orange tone for contrast.

There's no single formula on how you should play with the palette, but as long as you try to keep in mind the color tips here, you can pull off the Deathstroke look well.

Other Character Settings

Just in case you were wondering, here are the basic selections for Deathstroke. First off, he's a large Striker, the size and physique of this character model is a good match for his comic look. For Personality, choose Serious -while Powerful looks pretty neat, it stands out a little too much (especially with the poses).

For combat. Deathstroke has several choices. First off would be the One-Handed combat style -he is pretty good with a sword, or you can choose to raise that up to Dual Wielding. One of his other weapons is a retractable staff, so choosing the Staff is not a bad idea either. Lastly, Dual Pistols will also work well with Slade since firearms is something he is also good at using. There are a few Deathstroke themed users who like to use rifles, but that's a lot more of a player choice than a character-specific decision. In any case, know that choosing a weapon does affect your overall gameplay so be sure to prioritize function over aesthetic when making a choice here.

Be sure to select Gadgets for Powers, and Acrobatics for Movement. As seen in the comics, Slade is pretty fast on his feet and uses a wide variety of tools in order to get around. Aside from his great physical prowess in combat, he does not have metahuman powers -which makes choosing Gadgets a perfect fit for this character.

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