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Create Your Own Joker Character online and customise the DC characters appearance.

It's Mister J! Batman's greatest adversary is not known for fighting prowess or metahuman powers -the Joker is incredibly infamous thanks only to one single trait: he is truly, criminally, insane. The sole villain able to fully confuse and understand Batman, Joker has been an icon of the comic industry as much as the Caped Crusader. So to know that he has plenty of fans is not surprising at all. DC Universe Online's character creation options provides players with a huge set of options in terms of designing a character -and creating one that looks just like the Joker is not too hard at all.

Joker & Batman Suits

Basic Selections

Obviously, you will want to start off with a Male Villain -as for the body type, Striker is a definite, though you may want to consider between large and medium in terms of height. Either way, DCUO custom Jokers will be a little buff as none of the available body types are close to being lanky. As for the template, set it to custom. Joker's looks are pretty easy to make that picking a preset will just make editing the Gear take a little longer.

Make sure to pick out Comical for the personality as this will affect your poses. Acrobatics for movement, and lastly, (and in many ways, optionally) dual pistols for weapons; the acrobatics are a definite for Joker, but the weapon selection is more of an aesthetic choice. If you have other weapon preferences, make sure to pick that instead. The double pistol is just one of Joker's many weapons anyway.

Start With the Clothes

The easiest thing about the Joker is the fact that he only wears a suit. Sadly, the game doesn't have any good suits with long tails (which is what Joker tends to prefer), so players will have to make do with either the tux or a more corporate style outfit. Still, a little tweaking of the colors will instantly get the approximate look right.

For the Chest Gear, there are two options. The first is "Business'' which is your typical single breasted suit with a necktie. This ties in well with the several of Joker's more serious appearances. The second option is "Formal"; this is basically an open tux with a bowtie. It has a more cartoony appeal.

For the Hand Gear, select "Formal" for a nice pair of cloth gloves. Leg Gear and Feet Gear will both use Business. These three selections do not need to change regardless of what you pick for the chest.

The colors are where it all gets looking good. Start off with the general colors and make the suit jacket and pants purple. For the inner shirt on the chest, color it green. Lastly, the necktie or bowtie, as well as the gloves, should be white. Don't worry about the shoe color -the default one is fine as it is.

That Crazy Smile

Joker's Face is one of his major costume trademarks -as such, there is no other option than to choose the "Freaky Clown" option. While this is the only clown-style face in the game, it does have a circular nose and sadly, there is nothing that can be done about that. Anyway, be sure to make your character's skin tone be as pale as possible. Then in the color palette for the Face, turn everything white then set the eye and mouth makeup to either purple or red. As for the eyes itself, the pupils will not be visible so just change it to green.

There two possible options for the Hair. The first is "Spiky" which seems a little unkempt, but it is pretty close to his Animated Universe appearances. The second option is "New Tracy", which looks like a slicked back hairdo reminiscent of Joker's more sinister looking appearances (the one with Harley Quinn done by Alex Ross comes to mind the most). Joker's hair tends to be colored in odd shades of green -it can be bright green or a very solid kind of green, so feel free to play around with the shade.

Blast from the Past: Red Hood

In terms of creating, "The Joker", the stuff above is complete and provides two different ways to present the famous DC baddie. Of course, fans of the Joker believe that he has one other costume: the original Red Hood. Creating this look is not too different from the stuff above: Business Legs, Formal Chest (for the bowtie), Formal Gloves, and Business Feet. Coloring these is easy: the pants, suit, and bowtie are all black, then white gloves and white inner shirt for the chest. Follow all of that and you get a generic looking character in a tux.

Getting the Red Hood stuff in comes with the Face and the addition of a Back piece: the Cape. The basic cape is good, the half body one is little more fitting, while the one that splits down the center looks stylish. In any case pick any cape you want and then color it red. For the Face, select the Full Slimline option then color everything red (make sure you select the same shade of red for the cape and the head gear). The is the closest thing we can get to the dome-like headpiece that RH wears without resorting to the special items.

Depending on how you like to play Red Hood, the comical personality can be swapped out with serious (for a more anti-hero appeal) or flirty (if you want a more suave gentleman type of approach). Setting weapons to dual pistols fits well with the character, but so does the sword.

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