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Pet Creator: Your Very Own Picture Perfect Pet

Have you ever wanted to have a cat squirrel as a pet? What about a dog rabbit? Well, you are in luck -sort of anyway. Pet Creator may just be the thing you need to concoct your hybrid pet. Basically, this is a browser tool that can be used to help you conceptualize your very own fantasy creature. There are no complex menus here. Everything is fairly straightforward and intuitive.

Does it make for a very interesting game -somewhat fairly so, but only if you are into the concept of having make-believe pets or are trying to re-create something a little more specific. Of course, there are many limitations to the game (or a some would call it, application), but you would still be able to do plenty of creative things if you have the knack for it.

Getting Things to Work Together

The customization options are broken down into four main parts, each with their corresponding color choices.

The first category contains the options for your fantasy pet's body. Here, you can choose the Ears, Tail and Body type you want. There are nine ear options, which allow you to give your creation point, floppy, long or pointed types. Tail options are limited to six, but at least each type is distinct. The least amount of options go to the body type. With only three to choose from, you can either go for a pig-hooved animal, a furry-bodied pal or one with a squirrel-like stance.

From the body menu, it is possible to add skin patterns to your creation. Simply browse through the options given under the Extra section. There are four all in all, which is still pretty limited. You can give your pet spots, cat stripes or a patched chest and face. If you would rather go for one solid color, the default setting gives your pet no pattern so you're still good to go.

The face category offers options for your fantasy pet's Eyes, Nose and Mouth. The eye options total nine, which is the most number of options for this category. Feeling like making a mammal bug hybrid? Some eyes look insect-like, which is perfect for that purpose. A fan of pigs? Pig snouts are available under the Nose section. Finally, mouths range from big smiles to small pouty ones. Unfortunately, with no way to adjust the height of these elements, it is easy to make them overlap and look out of place. You'll just have to be mindful of what expression goes well with your bug-eyed pig creature.

Again, there is an Extra section which gives you the ability to put fangs, squirrel teeth or a cute tongue sticking out on your pet.

The third category has everything you need to give your pet some swanky accessories. Actually, some of these are additional fantasy creature body parts, such as the dragon wings, unicorn horn or mini Pegasus wings. The Head section contains hair and ribbon add-ons. These are all good, but predictable. Our favorite in this section are the cool shades.

The Neck options on the other hand, give you items to adorn your pets neck with. For boy pets, there is an option for a bandanna, a spiked collar or a bowtie. for girly girls, the heart choker is all pretty and pink.

While still pretty limited, the Back options have a good variety. You get a cape, several wing choices as well as a turtle shell and a back pack. Not exactly the most sensible, but surprisingly well ranged nonetheless.

Finally, the environment category contains options to change your creation's background, food bowl type and bed type if you wish to feature them. Disappointingly, the background is limited to the default sunny type, an indoor kitchen setting or an outdoor backdrop. It would have been great if there were more options or at least a means to just have a plain one in different colors.

More than Just Changing Looks

Food is our favorite section here. While it is an odd choice to feature in a character creator, it does offer a means to give your pet some personality. Like if you were making a pig rabbit, would it eat berries or a chicken drumstick? Or would your mouse dog prefer chewing on bones instead? It really makes for an interesting addition to the setting which in turn adds some much appreciated humor in Pet Creator.

There are five options under the Bed section. You can either let your pet sleep on the cold hard ground or you can give it a house, a bouncy couch or even a foldable bed. Just like the meal types, the beds are also quite silly and entertaining.

Why the Effort Matters

Finished making your perfect fantasy pet? Go ahead and print its picture. While you can't save a file of your creation to edit it on another day, Pet Creator does let you keep a souvenir of it to show your friends. This is pretty much one of the best features of the game and makes putting in all that hard work worth it.

Aside from the customization variety, the graphics are of course an integral part of any character creator. While nothing too fancy, Pet Creator does look clean and polished enough to warrant a look. Aesthetically, it is a stellar character creator for young girls; or perhaps really young boys who love pets.

The Verdict

Overall, Pet Creator is a very simple, user friendly character maker. While it does the job nicely, it is also quite limited in terms of the available selections. Due to its aesthetics it seems to be aimed more towards young girls than boys. Those looking for something to wow them may want to look elsewhere, but if you are simply after a no-fuss, cute pet maker, then Pet Creator may just do the trick. Hopefully there will be more customization options in future installments because really, we can never have too many cute pet creators. We give this game a neon orange, multi-winged, furry critter's 84/100.