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Pony Creator – Creating your very own version of cuteness with this detailed, pony-centric avatar creator game

Equine Escapism

There just isn’t enough cuteness in the world today. To be honest, there never was any cuteness in the world before today, and the world is comparatively less ugly than it was before civilisation industrialisation, but with all of the atrocities such as war, murder, and the abhorrent hipsters that fake apathy and nonchalance that seem persistent in their existence, one sometimes needs a bit of a break from all of the bad stuff. My reflex reaction as a male is to escape into the online chaos of a first-person shooter such as Counterstrike or Day of Defeat, but having racked up well over a thousand hours on such games, and considering that escapism isn’t really escapism if the thing you are escaping to is just as violent and unpleasant as the thing you’re escaping from, then something more soft and bubbly may be in order. It doesn’t get any sweeter or softer than the Pony Creator, though, and as a man not afraid to explore his softer side, it is difficult not to enjoy the distraction of picking out a range of different parts and designs for your very own customisable pony. Don’t judge me for my choice of escapist entertainment: I bet you prefer World of Warcraft, and that’s ten times worse. 

Create, Accessorise, Pose

 So what makes me say that escaping to the world if My Little Pony is an acceptable and worthwhile pastime? Well, I defy you to find a pony creator with as many different selections and varieties of different aspects of a pony to edit. Your tiny little horse stands in the centre of the screen whilst you use the menu on the left to change up its features. Creator your pony’s design by choosing from a huge range of preset designs by scrolling through them with the indicator arrows. After designing your pony, you can move on to accessorising, which is detailed enough to have its own separate menu, before moving on to the ‘pose’ section, where you are able to pick a stance for your pony to hold whilst you marvel at your creation.


The selection of different elements for customisation is in itself extremely rich, with the pony’s body, eyes, tail, face and colour up for editing, as well as the colour, hue, and saturation of each component open for player-controlled interpretation. The accessories menu also contains a range of jewellery and other peripherals to slap on to your pony, and there are a few well-designed backgrounds available that aren’t simply stock textures or fades as in many avatar games. Where the game truly differs from other comparatively shallow drawing games like Anime Character Creator is the ability to edit the position of the pony in more detail than will see in most other games of this nature. You can edit the position of each limb of the pony, creating a unique pose that can be saved and replicated later on via a unique code, and with the option to export your pony as a HD image, there really isn’t anything that this game doesn’t have in the context of drawing games.

Though Pony Creator is probably the only equine editor you are likely to ever experience, you can take solace in the fact that you will not find a more beautifully-designed or wonderfully detailed one out there. The level of detail in this game is quite frankly astounding, and other drawing games simply cannot measure up to this brilliance.