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Sonic Character Designer – Get customising and be creative with the speedy hedgehog from your childhood

Success By Design

Who would have ever thought that a game about an unfortunate hedgehog that seemed to always get into large amounts of trouble requiring adventures and entertaining escapades would have been such a popular video game franchise? Endless games of the Sonic variety have graced our consoles and computers from the solid gold original Sonic the Hedgehog to the celebratory Sonic Generations marking the 20th anniversary of the original’s release. There was never any scientific explanation as to why Sonic could launch into a speedy sprint after revving himself up in a static spinning motion, but it didn’t matter because it was just so damned good. If you’re tired of going on Sonic-based adventures at this point, though, another play through Sonic and Knuckles isn’t really going to alleviate the boredom, so why not get creative instead? Sonic Character Designer is a simple character customisation exercise that gives you the control over your character’s appearance that the official games never did. It’s time to turn your back on the traditional image of Sonic and come up with your own interpretation, and this game is the way to do so.

Please, My Hedgehog’s Custom

Don’t expect lengthy gameplay, levels, interactivity, or even movement in Sonic Character Designer: this is a character customisation experience that is all about the speedy creation of your own (presumably) speedy character in the well-known visual style of sonic. The whole thing is basically an avatar creator without the gameplay to use your avatar in. It’s as simple as using the directional arrows to scroll through each of the different categories of features that you would like to see on your character, with your Sonic-like creation standing in the middle, modelling all of the changes in real time. You can switch and swap out pretty much every single aspect of your sonic character that you could possibly hope for from head to toe, and you can even give your character a name to go with the new look as well.

So Many Body Parts, So Little Time

The range aesthetic features that you can change and swap in this game is fairly extensive, with the character’s head, hair, eyes, nose, mouth, and ears being the subject of some major editing before you even get below the neck. Below the neck you have his body, legs, belly, shoes, arms, hands, and the tail to also customise, so you aren’t going to want for more features to modify since that pretty much covers the whole character.

The range of aesthetic features, textures, and colours is quite magnificent, with everything from beady and X-like eyes to a mecha-style head texture and Lego shoe designs being available for choosing. Many of the designs suffer from looking like they are random for the sake of being so, but it all adds to the variety available in a game whose only selling point is the offering of variety. You can even change the background and use the ‘random’ button to generate some pretty ridiculous designs picked by the game entirely at random.

It Is What It Is

It is unlikely that anyone is going to be blown away by the riveting adventure of slowly scrolling through different sets of eyes, but at no point does the game claim to be anything more than exactly what it is. Though the design is very basic, you are given plenty of options for making your very own sonic character. All the game is missing is a freehand tool a la Draw My Thing and the ability to save and/or publish your designs. A brilliant effort that should please Sonic fans around the world.