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Anime Avatar Creator – Nurture your creativity and channel it into the creation of your very own avatar in the anime style

Don’t Touch Me With Those Tentacles

I don’t think I’m alone in my opinion that anime is one of the more unusual styles and indeed genres out there. It’s not so much the aesthetics of it all, because the anime is in fact a very delicate and visually-pleasing style of drawing/animation that embodies a rich Japanese history of art and creativity. My dismay and distrust of the style or more to do with the subject matter of the cartoons and animations that use the anime style: ridiculous storylines involving some insane premises, creatures doing unspeakable things with tentacles, some extremely poor translation of meaning into English, and generally giving logic and reasonable, rational thought a long yet unnecessary holiday. There isn’t room for absence of reason in Anime Avatar Creator, however, since this nifty little avatar tool sits in its own little anime-shaped niche, letting you design your very own avatar without worrying about storylines, gameplay, and all other responsibilities that are required for anime-style games such as massive amounts of patience and understanding.

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As far as avatar games go, this one from xdanond is as straightforward as they come. Your avatar stands patiently on the left of the screen while you tinker with the 22 different aesthetic features of your character, ranging from the eyes, nose, mouth and neck to the torso, legs, accessories, and even plates of armour. Due to the number of different facets of aesthetic customisation and the fact that there are several choices for each facet, the sheer number of possible character outcomes is a number that is unlikely to roll off the tongue. Those advocating for both gender and racial equality will also be happy to know that you can choose the sex of your avatar and its skin colour, as well as the colour of almost every single different feature, which can be selected from a multicoloured swatch that sits underneath each particular element.

The quantity of items, objects, accessories, and even the basic features like eyes and noses are absolutely astounding. There are 44 different types of female hair alone and accessories ranging from monocles, sashes, and belts through to satchels and weapons; there is even a dedicated section just for armour as well. Your character even has some dynamic animations such as with the female’s winking-style eye, which closes and opens occasionally, much to my initial fright and confusion.  If you fancy rolling the dice, you can also elect for the game to randomly select different items, colours, or simply create everything at random. Choice is one thing that you will never be short of in Anime Character Creator, that’s a certainty.

A final feature that makes this game superior (though it is difficult to draw comparison between such differing styles) to Sonic Character Creator is the fact that it looks considerably more professional, as well as offering a significantly increased range of aesthetic choices. The lack of saving is a little bit of a pain, and is a feature that should really be added in a later version or possible sequel to the game. This is quite simply a pleasant game of pure creativity that encapsulates everything enjoyable about the anime style and allows you to play around with your own creative designs within the confines of a well-recognised visual style, and it is a thoroughly fun experience.