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Draw My Thing – A wonderfully simple drawing game to nurture creativity and provide interactivity with players around the world

Illustration Humour

We’ve all got a thing. Depending on the person, their particular thing could be small, large, rotund, soft, imaginative, recessive, erratic, unusual, peculiar in the most curious of ways, or even downright average. Have you cheapened this paragraph by attaching some dirty connotations and meaning to it yet? Well, I beat you to it because my mind was at innuendo before I even closed the first sentence with a full stop, but this is no reflection on the game I’m going to briefly evaluate in a few short moments. All this talk of having a thing may be flirting with innuendo but it’s also true, particularly in Draw My Thing, an extremely addictive “guess the object” drawing game that is nowhere near as dirty and perverse as it sounds. We’ve all heard of Draw Something, the stylish illustration game for mobile devices that spread like a contagious pandemic of creativity around the world; well, this game is a respectable imitation of that. Haven’t heard of Draw Something? My apologies for the fact that you must be living under a rock, but think along the lines of a highly interactive Pictionary and you should get the picture; now let me revel in the moderately amusing pun I just made. Ahh, illustration humour.

Pencil Me In

Never has a game been so simultaneously simple and unbelievably addictive as Draw My Thing. Players are brought together on a screen that is essentially a chat room with some interactive drawing equipment that must be used to produce an illustration that best represents the key word in 60 seconds or less. Points are earned for both the player/s that correctly guess the word and also for articulate illustrators that manage to produce a graceful and easily-guessable drawing that doesn’t go and break any rules by simply writing out the word with the cursor-controlled drawing implement. The round reaches a conclusion after all players have had at least one go at their DIY artwork, at which stage the points are added up and someone is crowned the don of the crude drawing world. Essentially, everyone has a ripping good laugh and even has the option of sharing their pictures with their friends depending on how embarrassing they may or may not be.

Pen Pals

OMGPOP are clearly aware of the game’s potential, which is why the game has been around for a good number of years now. Gameplay aside, the game is wonderfully refined in terms of its design and it has a visually-pleasing aesthetic with some fun fonts, glossy overlays, and not a rough edge in sight. It’s got more charm than its corporate rival Post It Draw It as well. It can get a little annoying waiting for enough players to join the ‘lobby’ at first, but this is only if you’re so pressed for time that you cannot spend 30 seconds waiting for other players to amass and make up numbers so that a game can commence. If you’re too busy to spare 30 seconds, however, I’m guessing that your life is such that a few rounds of drawing crude depictions of words won’t really provide you with any relief.

Is it simple? Sure. Is it entertaining? Most definitely. Is it without fault? Well, what game is? You will often get cheaters that simply try to undermine the whole point of the game by writing out the word, plus if you want a quick game on the go, you’ll have to have your laptop with you and be sure to have mobile internet as well. Don’t underestimate the fun of feeling superior to others when guessing a word correctly, though, a feature that makes Draw My Thing more than just an innuendo to make you titter uncontrollably in a juvenile fashion.