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Draw Something Online – High-pressure, high-reward drawing game to stoke the flames of creativity in all of us

These Days and Those Days

Though board games are coming back in some hipster households and in very rare cases, in the homes of those that simply appreciate a good bit of old-fashioned fun with no poser pretence or desire to look as if they aren’t having fun when they really are, the age of board games has well and truly passed. I enjoy a bit of Pictionary as much as the next creatively stunted individual, but it is a rare occurrence that someone will invite you over for a boggle evening, or an Uno night. Without wanting to sound like too much of an aging idiot, the internet is a marvellous thing, and it has allowed for the rebirth of the idea that Pictionary was based on, only without actually physically existing as anything but a few electrons and electrical charges in silicon chips on your computer and remote servers somewhere in fun land. Draw My Thing is simply an online version of Draw Something, and it couldn’t be any more entertaining to partake in.

Pencils and Pens and Art, Oh My!

Forget the board, the clue cards, and the sand-timer: Draw Something Online ensconces you in a chat room with other players and requires you to engage in a series of ‘guess the word’ encounters, relying solely on the drawings of other players to guess which word they are attempting to depict in crude sketch form. When it is your turn to draw, you are issued with the drawing tools that let you use your mouse to sketch lines in a freehand fashion, as well as letting you choose the colour of your pen as well. The aim is simply to score as many points as possible by the end of the round, with points awarded to the observers for guessing the correct answer and some also awarded to the artist if he or she manages to draw something well enough for players to guess it in a timely fashion. Vowels can also be bought

The game also has a few nifty other features like the ability to enter a chat room in ‘bet’ mode, and the ability to invite others into the same game by providing you with a link to the game you’re currently playing. You can also customise your pen’s appearance; this is purely for aesthetics and doesn’t add anything to the gameplay, but it does make the game vastly superior to competitor Post It Draw It.

Sketchy Brilliance

There is no denying the appeal of an online, Pictionary-esque game that lets you connect with many other players around the world at any time of the day and engage in some challenging rounds of creative thought and logical interpretation of other people’s sketches. As well as the format itself being very addictive, this fantastic title from OMGPOP can also lead to amusing situations where other people are struggling with a very difficult word, though this amusement can just as easily be at your expense as well. This is the beauty of it, since everyone else is in the same situation, putting everyone at ease and on an equal playing field. You will encounter some cheaters that simply write the word out with the pen, but these are insignificant specs of non-matter when considering the fun that can be had with this game, no matter your age or level of experience, making this a truly universal game to be enjoyed by all.