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Creating Your Own Super Villain

Do you want to cause as much mayhem as the Joker or learn to scheme like Lex Luthor? DC Universe Online allows you to create your own custom made DC character and choose a side -good or bad. And while being able fight alongside DC's finest appeals to some, there is much to enjoy taking the darker side of the moral scale. Sinestro, Grodd, Brother Blood, and many other iconic comic villains will provide you with helpful advice, send you on missions, and in certain cases, even have you fight by their side.

The Anti-Hero Community

DC Universe Online provides impressive game content that is a parallel path for both heroes and villains from levels 1 to 30. But once you reach the late game content, the differences start appearing. Villains have it harder by the simple fact that there are less players on that side (after all, it is expected that more people would choose to become heroes). Still this does not mean that the villain community is small (that's only a comparative thing). It is still quite large and active, and one could even argue that since the path of a villain is slightly harder, the folks in this side of the game are also a little more skilled.

Of course, "villain" in the game is different from a villain in life -the game will not provide you incentives for griefing or causing trouble for other players. And the players on this side are just as nice and helpful as their heroic counterparts.

Numbers-wise, hero players do outnumber villains by a ratio of 2 to 1. This is not that noticeable during events and raids however, as you will find a great number of villain players jumping into the action. Of course, we highly advise finding other players and making friends with those who also play at the same time that you do. This will not only allow you to take part in raids, but also allow you to finish certain missions more efficiently.

All NPCs are Potential Victims

Since you will not be attacking hero players outside of PVP based events, who do you commit acts of villainy on? The answer is simple: the NPCs. There's a bit of cartoon violence here as you attack random civilians, rob ATM's, and of course, perform unsavory acts for personal gain; but it is all presented in a rather classy manner. Even fighting against law enforcement looks classy -which is good for those of you avoiding the more hardcore violence found in more 'serious' games.

Back to Basics

Literally creating a villain is the same as creating a hero: you decide on gender, body type, costume template, powers, movement types, weapons, and all that. The only difference is that when you choose a morality, you pick villain. This also means that your mentors will be villains as well.

For those of you who need a quick brush up on the powers; here's a quick summary. Controller types manage teams. Aside from dealing with mobs, they also manage the team's powers allowing everything to use abilities more often. Tanks are designed to soak up damage as well as providing a front line offensive strength. Healers, true to the name, will be focused on keeping the entire team's HP up and ready; contrary to what most people think, Healers can actually do well while soloing.

Movement type is also an important choice (pretty much as important as the power choice since your movement is also a form of power). While acrobatics is technically the fastest and most mobile of all types, the superspeed users gain access to speed drain -which is like the speed force allowing you to cast abilities more.

Lastly, the weapons determine how you actually fight. Aside from your powers, your weapon is a your primary method of dealing damage to your enemies. This choice is not particularly fixed (you can assign skillpoints to other weapons after progressing a bit in the game). But making a good choice early on helps a lot.

Looks Like a Bad Guy

Sure, there are tons of bad-guy looking duds out there for you to wear. But just because a character is a villain, it does not mean that you need to look the part. DCUO provides players with the freedom to design a character without any moral-choice restraints. Depending on your item and color choices, it is even possible to create supervillain lookalikes, all you need to do is to experiment (getting a template helps too).

The School of Badassery

The biggest highlight of being a villain is of course, the missions. More often than not, you fight the heroes. From escaping Batman, to trading blows with Shazam, all the way to facing down Superman himself -the villain route is full of interesting surprises. Ever wonder what it would be like to fight alongside Bizarro, Solomon Grundy, Deathstroke, and Killer Frost? Now you can -when the Secret Society of Villains sends them to back you and your team up during a critical Smallville Alert event.

When you head over to the Hall of Doom, you will find many of DC's major villains milling about. Others will provide you with special challenges such as Reverse Flash/Professor Zoom's races, Talia al Ghul provides players with new alert missions, Black Adam will teach you how to engage in PVP, Harley Quinn will sell you a tech suit. There are many more characters in the hall, and just being able to interact with each of them makes playing the game worthwhile.

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